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Excellent quality craftsmanship. This was my first time using a tapered French rolling pin. The pin is beautifully made, the wood is very smooth and my pastry doughs roll out smoothly with minimal force and without the need to cover it in flour. It is easy to clean and maintain. I am extremely happy with this purchase and look forward to purchasing some of the beautiful cooking utensils as well. BTW, Customer Service is excellent!

Best Handmade Kitchen Tongs

Wooden tongs excel at so many of the frustrating little kitchen tasks that seem to have no other solution. They're perfect for rotating brats or brussels or bacon. They are also outstanding for handling foods that don't start with the letter b! Keep your fingerprints on your fingers and use these wood tongs to move some bitterballen (b-word) in or out of hot oil. Anytime you need to grab something sizzling, these sleek wooden kitchen tongs will help you do it in style and comfort.

If you are looking for wooden salad tongs or wooden tongs for your toaster, you are in the right place too. These little beauties are versatile!

At about 13" long, they let you keep your distance and of course, they work safely with all cookware, non-stick included.

This right here is our newest product at least as of the end of 2019. And they are our all wood tongs. They're made out of just like I said, all wood we've got a piece of jatoba right here and we've got two pieces of Mexican ebony. These are a little bit different than your regular kitchen tongs that are probably metal and have a hinge or something, a spring back here. So they do not actually spring from the back, we rely on the bending of this wood right here to grab whatever you're trying to get. So as a result you can't really grab them back here and squeeze because it's solid wood back there. You just need to choke up a little bit. And you use the bend of the wood it's quite nice. We've been using these a lot for mixing up some salads, serving lettuce, but where they really excel is either on the grill or in the pan when you've got something hot going and you just need to flip some bacon, flip a burger, checking whatever it happens to be. They're great for keeping your hands out of the way of the heat, keeping your fingertips on your fingers where they're supposed to go. And they are a nice addition to any kitchen. Every now and then you get those things you just can't do with the wooden spoon. This is probably going to help you and you can do this with them, which looks pretty sweet.

Wooden Kitchen Tongs for Cooking

Our beautiful wooden tongs will let you pick up or turn food like a pro when cooking.

We have carefully designed and handcrafted our cooking tongs so they can take on any kitchen task - whether serving, tossing, or grilling! These make great air fryer tongs too. Our wooden tongs have a simple, minimalist style and feel natural to grasp. More reasons to love our tongs:

- Sleek, utilitarian design for unmatched versatility.
- Thin but sturdy for easy pinching and long life.
- Great for tossing, serving, and grilling.
- Made from the hardest and most durable hardwoods.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of wooden bacon tongs!

 size: 13.2 x 3 x 0.8

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