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wood baby spoons and toddler spoons


The Best Wooden Baby and Toddler Spoons for Feeding

Handmade wooden spoons are great for babies and toddlers. Choose our custom engraved wooden spoons with the new baby's name and you will have a unique baby shower gift that will last a lifetime! Our wood baby spoons are sized just right to be your baby's first feeding spoon. Our wooden eating utensils feature a thick handle yet small bowl so they are great for toddlers. Pair either with a small wood bowl or a cute bib and your search for the perfect baby shower gift is complete!

Wooden Baby Gifts

Our little wooden spoons are crafted from the strongest and most beautiful hardwoods. Unlike other mini wooden spoons you can find in chain stores, our personalized baby spoons have been carefully crafted by our master woodworkers here in Montana. These spoons are made in our woodshop, but come to life in your home. Our wooden eating spoons are also great for use as wooden salt spoons and wooden jam spoons... so get creative.