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A mechanical engineer by training, Earlywood’s founder and head craftsman, Brad Bernhart, spends a lot of time thinking about how to make kitchen utensils better. He began making wooden spoons as a creative outlet from the structured world of mathematics that is mechanical engineering during his time as a student at Montana State University. Today, Brad's engineering skills, passion for making, and respect for intentional design unite in the Earlywood studio where he makes kitchen tools beloved by cooks worldwide. Brad lives in Red Lodge, MT with his lovely wife Charlotte, his daughter Clara and son Clark. When he's not too busy making and selling utensils, he can be found with the family or out fishing or skiing.


Earlywood wood shop at night

It all started in the early 2000's with a young man with a penchant for searching other peoples' kitchens for the oldest, most beat up, most worn, most stained and most loved wooden kitchen utensils. It was his recognition of the love and work and history intrinsic to each of those utensils that motivated Brad to start carving spoons in his spare time in a tiny unheated shed. With each utensil made, the hopes that he could one day be the maker of those special family heirlooms grew.

Earlywood has grown from that tiny shed in Bozeman, MT to an unheated garage in Portland, OR to the dark basement of a country wood shop in MT, to the heated, insulated, bright, roomy, clean and well laid out Earlywood shop of today in Red Lodge, MT.


To craft wooden utensils that infuse your culinary experience with warmth and sentiment for generations to come. To create family heirlooms that can be passed throughout generations just like cherished family recipes. To add small bits of satisfaction and reflection to your life daily as you prep, cook, serve and share the food that fuels you.


Great materials and great designs are just talking points if there is a flaw in craftsmanship. We check each item every time we have a chance to minimize defects like cracks or grain orientations that could cause warp. We constantly improve the methods we use to make your utensils. We hand work every single piece of Earlywood from start to finish right here in the USA.


Earlywood is located at the base of the Beartooth Mountains near the North East corner of the country's oldest national park in Red Lodge, Montana. Boasting a population of roughly 2,500 - not including the deer, turkeys, moose, and bears that frequent the side streets. Red Lodge remains a bona fide western holdout built on the backs of pioneers, ski bums, and cowboys. Whether you are looking for a place to get lost in the wilderness or enjoy a five-star meal, Red Lodge has something for you... and it has Earlywood!